Urgency for Best Prenatal Vitamins Intake

Some statistical figures from one CDC report in 2012 showed below may need you to pay more attention to the iron and understand the importance of the best prenatal vitamins :

  • Deficiency of iron among aged 12 -29 years women is 9.5%, you can see that covered the ages of fertile women. A much higher rate 13% for Mexican-American women in the childbearing age, 12 -49 years.
  • Deficiency of iron among aged 1 – 5 years children is 6.7%, a higher deficient rate of 11% for those Mexican-American children for the same age range.
  • That is 16% among non-Hispanic black group for iron deficiency.


iron for womenSome potential reasons for the iron deficiency:

  • Excessive bleeding, which is the major reason for low iron dose in blood if one person was injured or burns;
  • Some surgery, e.g. hemodialysis
  • Lack of stomach acid, or intestinal issue, which reduce the absorption of iron
  • Some nutrition deficiency, for example, folate, vitamin B12, may also impair iron absorption
  • Some special period for a woman, such as when in breast-feeding, excessive bleed in menstruation

There will be a higher risk of preterm delivery and low-birth-weight fetus if iron deficiency happened in pregnancy.

But one thing you should also bear in your mind, excessive iron intake with a long time, for example, one pregnant women may were suggested to take iron nutrition from their physician. It’s very common, but if the dosage beyond the RDA value may lead to a increased rate of pregnancy complications. Infant will not get any benefit if the mother take the iron supplement but not in iron deficiency while she is breast-feeding the baby. On the contrary, the baby will have a low level overall health in such circumstance.

So please notice the following RDA for the iron intake:

27 mg of iron for a pregnant women;

10 mg for breast-feeding women under age 18;

9 mg for those age from 19 years and older.

Normally you need to pick one best prenatal vitamins in case you find that you’re in iron deficiency after the hemodiagnosis during the pregnancy. Also, the leafy vegetables and animal organs are the best food sources for iron, you cannot miss it.

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