Natural Remedies for Pregnant Women

It is a big challenge for a woman when she’s in pregnancy. Her body system need to sustain two humans that causes a tremendous impact to her blood vessels, bone structure of the body and internal biochemistry. While a group of small cells will grow up to a full size infant. So for many years, people try to find some natural remedies to support pregnant women’s health and body function with conventional ways or new technology.

Some researches proved that some natural treatments shows promise for the condition improvement to pregnancy. We will list some common treatments here with scientific evidence support, for example, nausea in pregnancy. But some following natural treatments had not been tested widely with solid research evidence, while the dose of some vitamins and minerals had recommendation from authority, such as FDA. So please get professional advice from nutritionist or your OB first before you take any action.

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  •  Nausea

It’s very common in the first trimester of pregnancy. That effect the normal life and nutrient intake but it is vexatious if plans to have drug therapy, as the fetus is quite vulnerable at the first trimester. So we’re glad to see some natural treatments here are more welcomed as a safe alternative.

Option 1, Vitamin B6

According to a large trial in 1995, covered 342 women in pregnancy, received vitamin B6 in 30 mg or placebo daily, researcher found that the vitamin B6 help reduce the severity of nausea, but vomiting frequency were not relieved significantly. The result was based on the recording from the subjects for their symptoms about the severity grades of nausea and vomiting frequency in the morning, compared with placebo group.

Here we know the dose 30 mg of the vitamin B6 is quite safe for pregnant women, normally we can find the vitamin B6 in the prenatal vitamins.

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Option 2, Ginger

It was recommended from ancient in several countries to use ginger as nausea cure, now many physicians will suggest to use it as well. A double-blind, placebo controlled trial in 2001, which involved 70 pregnant women, the effectiveness of using ginger (250 mg ginger powder, and three times per day for a period of four days) for nausea in the morning was evaluated. It was proved the ginger reduce the rate of sickness and vomiting significantly, and without any side effects found after compared the ginger group and placebo group.

Some other double-blind, placebo controlled studies had the same conclusion, maybe ginger has the effectiveness for the morning sickness was equivalent to vitamin B6, somehow, it’s found a better result than vitamin B6 in one trial!

Other Options

Several studies proved that the acupuncture point, P6, showed a promise for the treatment of nausea in the morning. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study also stated that acupressure has shown good effectiveness to relieve the sickness symptoms.

natural remedies

Some other vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin K and vitamin C are sometimes suggested for sickness. Lack of iron, somehow will make it worse for the morning nausea. Also it was used for anemia treatment. So the next illness will be…

  • Anemia

During pregnancy, it is very common symptom for women, possibly it caused by the deficiency of iron. But if you take the iron supplement, maybe it will upset your stomach as iron supplement somehow is hard for on the stomach which may aggravating morning nausea. There was a research showed that a very low dose of iron, about 20 mg per day had an almost equivalent effectiveness as a high dose, such as 40 mg or even more, 80 mg per day. So it suggest that a lower dose, even less than the amount in some prenatal vitamins, 20 mg would be recommended which will definitely cause less side effects to women’s gastrointestinal system.

Another study showed the co-work of intake iron and folate is better than taking iron alone for the treatment of anemia for pregnant women. Even they’re not appear to be deficient of folate.

If pregnant women don’t have anemia symptom, please do not take exceed dose of iron which may be do harm to the to-be-mom and fetus.

  • Leg Cramps

Leg cramps are also common experienced by pregnant women, sometimes. A well-controlled double-blind study found that magnesium intake was more effective than placebo group which totally involved 73 women.

Calcium, also has been used for cure leg distress, but so far only little evidence can support calcium’s effectiveness.

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  • Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid is a kind of varicose veins in external or internal of anus.

A study with double-blind control which enrolled 97 pregnant women, showed that the intake of oxerutins, 1,000 mg per day, had a better result than placebo group after analysis of bleeding, inflammation and pain of hemorrhoid.

  • Constipation

It is still not clear for the reason of women’s constipation when they’re conceived. It does bother them from time to time. For the most reliable suggestion about the natural treatment, is to take fiber supplements, such as psyllium seed. It seems much safe for pregnant women, so it is normally recommended by professional obstetrician.

Another high-fiber seed, flaxseed somehow contains some substances estrogen-like, had a potential risk of harm to fetus.



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