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fish oil benefits and side effectsFish oil supplement may be the second popular dietary supplement on the market beside the multivitamins. Also plenty of the supplement manufacturer have fish oil supplement in their product lines. In one market analysis report for fish oil, it announced that the global market was $1.1 billion US Dollar, and it will grow up to $1.7 billion US Dollar in 2018.

Fish Oil Producer

Traditionally, Peru, Chile and Denmark are the leading countries for fish oil producer, who are sharing more than 50% market in the world. Other source, such as Norway, Alaska in U.S., Iceland occupied the rest the shares.

Rising Market

The demand is coming from Asia-Pacific countries, especially in past few years, it is growing up rapidly for the omega-3s in China, and rising demand in India comes next to China.

Fish oil common brands in U.S.

You’re may familiar with following brands in the supplement stores or supermarkets:


Nordic Naturals


Nature Made

Vitamin World

Costco signature

Fish Oil Benefits

The growing demand in Asia Pacific, is due to the eager of cardiovascular benefits from fish oil. Also we can get fish oil benefits at following disease prevention:

>Cancer Prevention: In 2010, there was a prospective study showed a decreased risk of breast cancer among those women who are in the age of post menopause. At the same time, it is beneficial for a reduction risk of colon and rectum cancer.

>Women’s pregnancy: Pregnancy fish oil or DHA supplements are always recommended by physician as the DHA contained in fish oil is beneficial for the brain and retina development in fetus. In one latest analysis research in 2016, the report showed that taking two seafood meals per week (maybe it is much easier if pregnant women choose a best fish oil for pregnancy) definitely would be helpful for increasing 3.3 IQ points by age 9. Additionally researcher suggested to take vitamin D, amino acids at the same time beside the intake of EHA and DHA – prenatal multivitamins may be helpful on this.

Many studies focused on other diseases, fish oil supplement showed promising usages on the assistant help on acne, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety and stress relief, and so on.

Fish Oil Side Effects

Fish oil supplements are quite safe for intake generally. But if taking fish oil in a higher dose or taking medicine in the meantime, you have to be careful for following fish oil side effects:

1, Diarrhea, nausea, or bloating are the common symptoms caused by fish oil

2, It was suggested to take up to 3 grams oemga-3s per day from FDA’s recommendation. It effects human’s immunity system if taking in such a high dose.

3, Blood thinning effect from fish oil. If the person is under physician’s care, such as hemophilia, please don’t take fish oil over 3 grams per day. Normally taking fish oil including DHA and EPA in a lower dose, such as under 1 gram will not have such effect.

4, With high blood pressure, diabetes, allergic to fish oil and chemotherapy, people should be careful before consuming fish oil, as the fish oil will interfere the diseases in some points.

5, Pregnant or nursing women should avoid taking green-lipped mussel extract. In one animal study showed that it interferes for fetal development.

Before taking fish oil supplement, you should be already aware of the fish oil benefits mentioned above. And be caution, you have to review the fish oil side effects, and the product label. If you have any question or feel any uncomfortable during the intake of omega-3s products, you’d better ask advice from nutritionist or physician.

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