GNC Promotion (Jun 21, 2017) & GNC Coupons – Up to 70% Off

gnc couponsHere we got update from GNC. There is new GNC promo starts from Jun 21, 2017. So please see the detail GNC promo and coupons as below:

Offer: Up to 70% Off Top Sellers with GNC coupon code JUNESALE & $4.99 USD Flat Rate Shipping To China!

Valid: 6/21 at 12am ET to 6/28 at 4am ET

Now please click the above offer link if you’re interested for this promotion.

We will continue to publish the GNC promotion and GNC coupons whenever we received update from GNC.

Update Jun 17,2017:

GNC will likely have to delay the AliPay launch past Wednesday, June 21. We will confirm Tuesday morning whether or not the launch will be on Wednesday, June 21 as planned or pushed to a later date. Sorry for the confusion.

Update Jun 21, 2017:

This GNC promotion will still run until 6/28 at 4am EST. It will still run until 6/30 at 4am EST as normally scheduled. We’ll follow up again this week if we hear any new updates. Thanks again for your patience.

Update Jun 22, 2017:

We have another update! The new AliPay launch date and corresponding offer will be from 6/26 at 12AM EST to 7/1 at 4AM EST.

Update Jun 24, 2017:

Unfortunately, GNC’s Alipay launch has been delayed again and will not launch this Monday, June 26. Please wait until we receive confirmation from GNC that Alipay is live on their site.

Update Jun 30, 2017:

We received confirmation that GNC is now targeting Monday, July 10 to launch AliPay. We’ll follow up again next week as we get more details.

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