Fish oil supports your blood sugar control

You may already heard about the benefits from fish oil supplement as following: support your cardiovascular system, low down the blood pressure if you’re taking 700 mg EPA/DHA according to one study in Norway; You maybe also need to take prenatal fish oil supplement if plan to conceiving, which will be helpful for the to-be mother and infant. Additionally, if you have a serving of 300 mg fatty acids (omega3) daily has a less chance for the risk of colorectal cancer. It also reduces the occurrence of breast cancer for women if eating fish more than 73mg a day.

fish oil help blood sugar controlHere is the latest research news from Norway. Yes, we learned a lot from the studies in Norway, the fish oil is a kind of common dish in this country. So the fish oil – Omega3 has been studied as a health supplement popularly. Now it is proved to be beneficial for people’s blood sugar health. This study is for obese/overweighed adults, who are eating 5 oz. salmon fish daily in dinner about 5 times weekly. It lasted for 2 months and it leads to a smaller increased blood sugar level after a measurement in 2 hours later. But if eating a less fatty fish, such as cod, with 1% fatty acid, while the salmon contains 13%. Unfortunately, the researcher only found that it was beneficial for the sugar level in 2 hours later after eating dinner, for the fasting blood sugar level, neither of above two types of fish show any contribution to people’s health.

Although we didn’t have any directly promising study for the fish oil supplement which may be beneficial to adults’ blood sugar level, the above study can be a good advice if people take more fish from deep cold ocean that will be helpful to regulate a blood sugar control.

One thing should be reminded here, from another study, the krill fish oil may not be a good supplement for diabetics as the proteins attached to the phospholipids may impair the sensitivity of insulin.

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