Fish Oil Benefits – New Discovery In 2016

We know the fish oil benefits, either for pregnancy women or anyone has disease in Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular. We learn to know how to choose the best fish oil for pregnancy, and now we got something new for the benefits of fish oil for some disease.

benefits of fish oil

In UK, a retrospective analysis of a 2008 study of generally healthy adults, the researcher found that relatively low-dose fish oil (intake 700mg of DHA, and EPA daily) for 8 weeks lowered systolic blood pressure, averagely an 5mm HG compared to the placebo intake group. But it showed only limit to those with isolated systolic hypertension. In the larger group, the fish oil didn’t show any promising effect on blood pressure – systolic or diastolic, nor did it improve clinical or biochemical markers of cardiovascular function.

In a research in 2016, a higher dose (1,800 mg of total DHA and EPA) showed a similar effect as the lower dosage. One thing special in this research is that the DHA ratio (406mg) in fish oil (in ethyl esters form) is much higher than EPA (292 mg), which is quite different from other cardiovascular studies. This ratio is similar to that in commonly consumed oily fish, e.g. fish oil supplement normally process the fish types as Anchovies, Mackerel, Salmon, sardines, etc. The researcher also mentioned that the lower dose was equivalent to consuming 2 – 3 portions of oily fish in one week.

As we mentioned that the genetically engineered salmon has been approved by FDA, on January 29, 2016 FDA issued a ban on the import and sale of AquAdvantage Salmon, before the guidelines for labeling on the genetically engineered Salmon fish are finalized and published.

We’d understand what the benefits of fish oil to our life, but also should be aware of some potentially risk from the genetically engineered salmon may impact the fish oil supplement market. That is important when we choose the best fish oil for pregnant women. Check the fish oil supplement label should be your first step when you pick up one fish oil product!

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