Choosing the best calcium supplement

Calcium, maybe the most important nutrient in people’s whole life. Either when you’re at the age of puberty, or in old period. It plays a key role in your bones system, muscle contraction and nerve transmission, even it will reduce the death risk from your cardiovascular disease if you take adequate dosage from 1,000 mg to 1,200 mg for an adult per day totally from all sources.This article will lead you to choose the best calcium supplement and tell you what is the best sources of calcium.

best calcium supplementBefore you take any calcium supplement, you should calculate your daily calcium intake from food. For example, there are 300 mg to 400 mg calcium in a cup of milk or yogurt. Some foods, soybean, spinach, tofu also offer about 200 mg calcium per cup. From nuts, meats, and vegetables, you get smaller amount of calcium from a wide range of sources.

Side effects:

  • Long term intake calcium in an over dosage, will cause a kidney stone for some people;
  • Some study shows that increased calcium intake interfaced with an increased prostate cancer;
  • Some analysis from clinical trial found that there is an increase in the risk of heart attack about 30%, for these adults are taking calcium supplement compared to the one who doesn’t take;
  • It has a risk of fetus abnormality if take too much calcium during pregnancy;
  • It develops to an osteoporosis if doesn’t take adequate calcium;

So it is important for you to calculate the calcium you’re taking from your foods. Here is the list will be helpful for you determine the total calcium amount from your daily food:

  • Milk in an 8 ounces glass, provides about 300 mg calcium;
  • 6 ounces yogurt, provides about 300 mg calcium;
  • 100 g Swiss cheese, provides about 925 mg calcium;
  • 100 g almond, provides about 234 mg calcium;
  • 100 g celery, provides about 203 mg calcium;
  • 100 g pumpkin seed, provides 51 mg calcium;

You’d better have a blood test or get a professional suggestion from a doctor, then you make a decision whether it is necessary for you to take calcium supplement. You will find calcium supplements in different forms, but which one is the best calcium supplement for yourself?

1, Calcium carbonate, the least expensive type

2, Calcium citrate malate

3, Calcium malate

4, Calcium lactate

5, Calcium gluconate

According to some study for the calcium forms, calcium citrate or citrate malate have a better absorption in the body and more effective than carbonate calcium which is very popular in the calcium supplement with a low cost. The other forms, calcium lactate and calcium gluconate are in bulky compound, it means you have to take more pills or a big size tablet if you want to an adequate dosage. Also they are more expensive than the calcium carbonate.

While choose the calcium supplement, vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin K are some other nutrients to improve the calcium absorption in your body. The optimum ratio for calcium and magnesium is about 3:2 to 2:1. And for vitamin D, there are two forms normally in the products, D3 (cholecalciferol) is more effective than D2 (ergocalciferol). MK-4 (a kind of vitamin K) shows it can reduce up to 87% for the incidence rate of fractures. You should review the formula before you pick out the supplement.


Before you take calcium supplement, you should also take your age, gender, pregnancy, and illness in consideration. You may refer the RDAs (Recommended Dietary Allowances) as following:

Adult, age 19 – 50:

1,000 mg per day;

Age 50 – 70:

1,000 mg per day for men;

1,200 mg per day for women;

Age 71 and above:

1,200 mg per day;


Kid, age 1 – 3:

700 mg per day;

Age 4 -8:

1,000 mg per day;

Age 9 -18:

1,300 mg per day;

Pregnancy and breastfeeding:

Age 14 -18:

1,300 mg per day;

Age 19 – 50:

1,000 mg per day;

For a maximum calcium intake, nutritionist suggests that it is 2,500 mg per day included the calcium both from food and supplement.

The optimum time for calcium taking is after the dinner. It relaxes your muscle and is helpful to your sleep for calm function. And it also will be a best timing to providing the calcium essential to the metabolism when you fall asleep in the mid night.

Here is the best calcium supplement for your consideration:

  1. For age 50 and above:

Jarrow Formulas Bone-Up, 240 Count

best calcium supplement Jarrow_BoneupFeatures:

  • More than just calcium, utilizes bovine bone (sourcing from New Zealand or Australia) from ossein microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (OHC), a kind of organic and inorganic essential consists of calcium, hydrogen, oxygen, zinc, strontium, phosphorous, silicon, iron, even protein, aminoglycans, amino acid. It is more receptive for osteoblast cell to build bone tissue than normal product;
  • Calcium 1000mg: Magnesium 500mg=2:1;
  • With natural vitamin K and vitamin D3;


  1. For adult below 50 years old:

Source Naturals Calcium/Magnesium Chelate 200mg/100mg

best calcium supplement_source_naturalsFeatures:

  • With calcium 200mg amino acid chelate and magnesium 100mg amino acid chelate, for a better absorption and assimilation;
  • With vitamin D3, no vitamin K;


  1. For kid:

Child Life Liquid Calcium/Magnesium, Natural Orange Flavor Plastic Bottle

best calcium supplement_childlife_liquidFeatures:

  • Calcium citrate 252 mg, magnesium citrate 115 mg
  • With vitamin D3;
  • No vitamin K, but with zinc to improve immunity;


  1. For pregnant and breastfeeding women:

New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care Tiny, Slim

best calcium supplement_new_chapterFeatures:

  • Plant source calcium, from algae with Non GMO certificated;
  • Calcium 770 mg vs Magnesium 58 mg;
  • With vitamin D3, and vitamin K1, K2;
  • Strontium, silica, vanadium from algae;
  • In Slim tab or tiny tab (same formula, take 3 slim tablets daily, but if in tiny tablets, it will be 6 tablets), easy to swallow and digest;

Please notice that it has no relationship to the increase of the heart attack according to the research if the calcium is from foods. So bear in mind, the best sources of calcium is from foods. Nevertheless, the best calcium supplement introduced here is our second choice when you’re calcium deficient.

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