Breastfeeding Diet

You may already know the breastfeeding is also a best way to lose weight for a mom. breaskfeeding dietNormally we worry about the vitamin C and vitamin B amount more than the fat in breast milk. Because they are both effected by the mother’s diet significantly. Simply speaking, once the intake of water solubility vitamins by mother is not enough for her daily nutrient demand, the amount in milk will be inadequate immediately for a baby. Baby is easy to be infected with an infantile beriberi if the mother is severe deficient of vitamin B1, the worst result it leads to a sudden death ever! So if lack of these nutrition from mother’s diet, the quality of breast milk becomes lower at same time, then baby will be suffered from the essential deficiency.

Then how can we ensure the breastfeeding diet to supply of these water solubility vitamins?

You may get enough vitamin C and folate from abundant vegetables and fruits. It is necessary for a mother to take about 1 pound vegetable, half pound fresh fruit, especially the green leafy vegetables are a good source of folate.

For vitamin B1, the best source is from all kinds of grain crops, beans and tubers.

Vitamin B2, is from dairy product, yolk, and beef. You can also find plenty of vitamin B2 from sweet almond, peanut, pistachio, and some other nuts.

Besides, the calcium amount in breast milk are steady, but when calcium intake from mom’s dietary drop down too much, you have to produce the milk with the calcium from your bones. It is a potential risk for a mom’s pregnancy diet which may results in osteoporosis in the future. So don’t forget to take milk, yogurt, beans, vegetable and fish. If you can’t make it, you’d better take 400 mg calcium daily from supplement. Find the best calcium supplement, you can refer to here.

As a conclusion, for your breastfeeding diet, take more dairy (be careful if has lactose intolerance history in family), bean, vegetable and fruit will be a good choice. Do remember, less fat, less rice, instead with other grain crops, tubers, appropriate fish and egg supports a health latex for both of you and your baby.

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