Best Probiotics – Benefits for Child and Mother

Do we expect to get benefits from the best probiotics? The following research may give you some promising suggestions about the benefits from probiotics, especially for infant and pregnant women.

In Finland, a small research used some probiotics recommended by WHO (World Health Organization) to prevent eczema in children. For the children at high risk of developing allergy (those are with a biological parent or sibling with existing or history of allergic rhinitis, asthma, eczema or food allergy – factors which raise the risk of developing allergy to 20% – 30%), there is a likely benefit if intake giving probiotics to infants and pregnant or breastfeeding women to relieve from eczema developing. That’s the suggestion from the World Allergy Organization, however, it didn’t find sufficient evidence for probiotic use by these groups to reduce the risk of other types of allergy in children. It is also unknown that what kind of the probiotic type or dosage regimen to be used.

best probiotics

The Finland study also suggests probiotics may reduce the risk of neuropsychiatric disorders. The Culturelle probiotics (10 billion cells of Lactobacillus GG per day) were given to pregnant women for 28 days before the expected delivery date, and last for 6 months after delivery to each infant, or to the mother if breast-feeding. After 13 years, there is follow up review found that NO one from the group (40 children totally) who were given the probiotic developed ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) or Asperger syndrome. At the same time among the placebo group 35 children – six children (17%) found to develop with these conditions: ADHD or Asperger syndrome, and both of them.

The researcher said that it should be considered preliminary study although the figures are significant huge. There is no comment from the research why there is so high incidence rate in placebo group, which is usually less than 1% but now it was 8.6%; the rate of with ADHD was also a little bit high.

Hope the above latest study information will guide you to have a better healthy baby if you learn some tips about how to choose the best probiotics.

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