Best Prenatal Vitamins Review in 2018

We have reviewed best prenatal vitamins since 2014.

Let us see if any new condition added since 2017 for our review. Folate/iodine/Prenatal DHA are all important in pregnancy period, now in 2018 we learned one new essential element can be critical for pregnant women but we may ignore it in the past days.

That is Choline.

Here is the recommendation from American Medical Association in June of 2017:

According to one well controlled, double-blind and randomized research, for 24 pregnant women in 3rd trimester, if taking 100 mg or 550 mg  choline addition to a 380 mg choline in their daily diets, the higher dosage (550 mg) group will improve the baby’s information processing speed, significantly better than those women with 100 mg.

But it is not easy to find this choline element in prenatal vitamins product. Most of the supplements for pregnant women don’t have this essential.

The best choice in 2016: Garden of Life Organic Prenatal Multivitamin Supplement with Folate – mykind Prenatal Once Daily Whole Food Vitamin, Vegan doesn’t contain any choline at all.

You can find some foods enriched with choline.

For example:

100g Food / choline contains

Whole egg / 250 mg all in yolk, not in egg white

Liver / 200 – 300 mg

Meat and fish / 80 mg

Whole grains/ 70 mg

But we would ask one more condition for best prenatal vitamins, it could have choline in the supplement formula to make sure our mother-to-be will take a full list of essential elements from the prenatal supplements.

So we searched the prenatal vitamins/minerals product on the market to see if anyone can meet this new criteria, addition to the folate, calcium and iodine we emphasized in past reviews.

We tried to find those prenatal products produced since from 2017, and some of them may already change their formula after their lifetime. Here is what we found in the prenatal supplement shelf:

1, Nature’s Way Alive! Prenatal Multivitamin, Complete Formula with Fruit & Veggie Blend

best prenatal vitamins - Nature's Way Alive!Prenatal Multivitamin
best prenatal vitamins – Nature’s Way Alive!Prenatal Multivitamin

Product review:

It contains 200 mg DHA which is sourcing from Algal oil that means it is a little bit expensive than those from fish oil. And is beneficial for fetus eye/brain development. But the folic acid it has is 800 mcg in a daily serve, a little bit higher than we expected 600 mcg. The reason is here. And 200 mg calcium is in Carbonate form, which may caused a constipation during the 1st trimester.

No choline found in the formula.

2, Pure Essence Labs One n Only Prenatal Vitamins – One a Day Multivitamin Support with Iron, Natural Herbs, Superfoods and Folatebest prenatal vitamins 2018 - Pure Essence Labs One n Only Prenatal Vitamins

Product review:

It has 600 mcg Folic acid which is enough for pregnant women, and contain iodine from food, North Atlantic kelp, 150 mcg. No calcium, no DHA. But there is small amount of choline in the supplement facts table: Co-Nutrients
Mixed tocopherol complex, Inositol, Phosphatidylcholine, it is total 65 mg, better than nothing.

3, MegaFood – Baby & Me 2, Twice Daily Prenatal and Postnatal Supplement to Support Healthy Pregnancy, Development, and Bones for Mother and Child, Herb-Free, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO

best prenatal vitamins 2018 - MegaFood Baby&Me 2
best prenatal vitamins 2018 – MegaFood Baby&Me 2

Product review:

MegaFood is one of our favorite brands in supplements.And at this time, it defeated the best prenatal vitamins in 2016: Garden of Life Mykind Organics Prenatal Once Daily Tablet , as MegaFood contains choline in choline bitartrate form 300 mg in a daily serving with 2 tablets. That is much higher than the previous one: Pure Essence Labs One n Only Prenatal Vitamins. And for folate is from broccoli, 600 mcg. We love the vitamins and minerals are exacting from natural foods which means it just like taking fruits or vegetables in our meals. No calcium, no DHA. So you have to review this article for calcium intake during pregnancy.

One more good thing is, this product is not just for your pregnancy, even after birth, this supplement will support your daily essential intake.

The conclusion is MegaFood – Baby & Me 2, Twice Daily Prenatal and Postnatal Supplement is our best prenatal vitamins we can find on the supplement market, if you are wandering in the supermarket, such as Costco, or Walmart.


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