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Recommendation for best fish oil for pregnancy

You will get professional recommendation from obstetric doctor or pharmacist to take prenatal fish oil or DHA product when you’re in pregnancy besides the prenatal vitamins. The fish oil contains DHA, EPA and other fatty acids nutrients which will help either the brain/retina development for fetus, or it will provide the nutrient for the pregnant women’s cognitive ability. Most of the time, pregnant women feel like to always forget things in their daily life. There are some conclusions from a research in London that there will be brain atrophy when women are in pregnancy, because the fetus consumes phospholipids from mother during the development for brain and nerve system. It seems that mother’s brain cells become smaller other than the reduction of total quantity. There are other benefits when taking prenatal fish oil: less postpartum depression; decrease the premature birth rate; less fetal/infant death; less egg allergy and eczema tendency for babies. But which one is the best fish oil (DHA) in the market for pregnant woman?

What criteria is it for the best fish oil (DHA) for pregnancy?

  1. You can tell the fish original source, fish type from product label. In order to avoid the pollution circumstance, PCBs, heavy metals (e.g. mercury), we need to know where the fish are caught from. It is safer if the fish is smaller (e.g. salmon, sardine), as dioxins trend to accumulate on the food chain. So now, we have new resource from krill, calamari, even from Algae, a kind of marine plant.
  2. If it is purified or any 3rd party research institute to ensure its quality and freshness.
  3. Is it easy to swallow and no fishy burp or aftertaste? Some flavors are added to fish oil to make the capsule smells better. An enteric coat softgel delivers the fish oil in small intestine to avoid fishy burp.
  4. Is the dosage enough? Although there is no DV (Daily Value) of EPA/DHA established by FDA or USDA, an editorial suggests to take 200mg DHA per day for pregnant women and the benefits of higher dosage intakes is still not clear. A research in Mexico shows that 400mg prenatal DHA will reduce the risk of a cold the infant might catch. A higher dosage with 800mg DHA/100mg EPA study in England concluded that there will be a lower risk of premature birth and a lower occurrence of egg allergy in infants.
  5. There are three forms of fish oil: Triglyceride, Ethyl Ester and Re-esterified forms. We should choose fish oil in Triglyceride or Re-esterified forms other than in Ethyl Ester form, which means more effective absorption in body.

We list following prenatal DHA, these products are the most popular sellers in market, and we will compare them to find out the best fish oil (DHA) for pregnancy.

best fish oil for pregnancyNo. 3 New Chapter Wholemega Prenatal, 90 Softgels

  • 100% pure wild Alaskan salmon
  • No 3rd party test; Non GMO verified
  • Small softgel, easy to swallow; partial feedback for fishy aftertaste
  • 220mg DHA, 180mg EPA, and other omega 5,6,7,8,9, with 2 soft gels, twice daily
  • Form not listed

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No. 2 Nordic Naturals – Prenatal DHA – Unflavored – 500 mg 180 – Softgelbest fish oil for pregnancy

  • Fish oil in deep sea, processed in Norway, using anchovies and sardines
  • 3rd party test to ensure freshness and purity
  • Smaller pills for easy swallow, unflavored gel
  • 450mg DHA, 90mg EPA daily serve with 2 softgels
  • in Triglyceride form

No. 1 GNC Women’s Prenatal DHA, Softgels, 30 ea  (Not available in Amazon or GNC now)best fish oil for pregnancy

  • Plant source DHA, from marine Algae oil, Schizochytrium
  • GNC triple strength fish oil serial products passed through Consumerlab fish oil testing, but this product was not included
  • Normal size; enteric coated soft gel ensure it break down and absorb in small intestine
  • 300mg DHA, one soft gel per day
  • Not listed, normally DHA/EPA from Algae oil is in triglyceride form

GNC Women’s Prenatal DHA is the best prenatal DHA product we recommended here. It is safe for its algae source, and enteric coating technology reduces the unpleasant aftertaste. A report about fish and Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements Review (Including Krill, Algae, and Calamari Oil) from Consumerlab initiated on 8/10/2012, ten omega-3 products from GNC were verified and passed the testing, including GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil + Resveratrol, GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil + Vitamin D-3, GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil Sport, GNC Ultra Omega Krill Oil, etc. So GNC is a reliable brand in supplement, especially in omega-3 production.

No. 1 IntraNaturals Prenatal DHA PLUS – Updated on July 2016best fish oil for pregnancy

  • From deep sea fish – anchovy, sardine, and mackerel.
  • Each batch tested by 3rd party laboratory before leaving manufacture facility.
  • Contains total 600 mg Omega-3s (DHA 500 mg, and EPA 100 mg), with Vitamin D3 400 IU. No fishy taste.
  • Re-Esterified triglycerides form, 24% more absorption even than natural fish oil!

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  1. I have bought the GNC prenatal vitamins since August 2016 at GNC. It is what I used for my pregnancy with my son and while breastfeeding. So, it’s still available.

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