Best Fish Oil For Children

We are familiar with the benefits of fish oil for adults. Such as the DHA is good for the memory system, so pregnant women need to find one best fish oil for their pregnancy. While the EPA has the anti-inflammation efficacy, some patients who’re suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or gout in their early stage can be seen the reduced occurrence rate of their symptoms in some studies with intake of Omega 3s.

For children, we also find some benefits of fish oil after reviewed the result from recent study in 2016. In Sweden, after 3 months with a daily intake of a blended Omega3s (EPA 558 mg, and DHA 174 mg), with Omega 6 (GLA 60 mg), administrated to children (some girls and boys, ages 9 – 10 years old). Researchers found that the following learning abilities were improved in this well controlled, double-blind study:

  • Reading a series of letters promptly
  • Ability of reading comprehension
  • Read and pronounce the new words

The subjects were seen this modestly improvement in administrated group, after comparing to those placebo group. These children are ordinary students, didn’t have any ADHD or reading disability. The study showed a greatest improvement in children who had some attention issues among those students, all of these improvements were observed by their parents and reported to researchers.

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Best Prenatal Fish Oil for Pregnancy

So let us search the supplement market, to choose the best fish oil for children.

best fish oi for children - Renew Life Omega>Renew Life Omega Smart Ultimate Fish Oils Kids DHA Fruit Punch

  • It is the only fish oil for children passed the testing from ConsumerLab
  • It has the highest quality of the fish oil product about the purity, freshness and potency followed International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) program
  • No sugar, sweetened with natural stevia
  • fruit punch taste, no fishy aftertaste
  • Contains DHA 200 mg, EPA 50 mg, Omega-6 40 mg, Omega-7 1 mg, Omega-9 42 mg, Omega-11 12 mg, per daily serving
  • Extra vitamin D 500 IU, be good for growing bone structure

The fish oil for children from others manufacturers , we review the supplement fact labels for:

Carlson Kids Norwegian The Very Finest Fish Oil Orange, contains EPA 400 mg, DHA 250 mg, no Omega-6;

Barlean’s Kid’s Omega Swirl Fish Oil Lemonade, contains EPA 220 mg, DHA 140 mg, no Omega-6;

And the Nordic Naturals has a serials of fish oil for kid/children, but also we only find the Omega-3 (EPA and DHA), but without Omega-6 contains.

In general, we recommend the Renew Life Omega Smart Ultimate Fish Oils Kids DHA Fruit Punch as the best fish oil for children because it contains full spectrum of Omega-3 and Omega-6 which had been proved the benefits of fish oil for children in above study.

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