The Best Calcium is from Food

We know how to choose the best calcium supplement for the people in different ages. But we suggest for those are deficient from calcium is looking for this essential on food base.

So you may come out a question:

Is it safer to intake calcium from nature foods than from calcium supplement?

Why shall we restrict the amount from calcium supplement?

In general, it is associated with a higher risk of kidney stones if you’re taking too much calcium from supplement. A study reviewed for postmenopausal women who have a history of kidney stones, with CT scans for that taking calcium supplement daily 439 mg averagely, found that the stones grew at a rate of 7.8 mm every month in average, comparing with those not taking calcium supplement are 4.49 mm. However, the study found that vitamin D supplements showed no added risk, on contrary, it has protective effect, as the stones grew at only 3.3 mm in one month.

Also it may increase the occurrence of heart attack both in women and men, prostate cancer rate in men. Compared to a daily intake dose 500 mg – 1,000 mg, a study found that those take 1,500 mg daily combined with the sources from food and supplement may increase prostate cancer risk, especially for advanced prostate cancer.

The researchers suggested that either too much or too little calcium from food will increase the occurrence risk of prostate cancer, but it would be protective if intake adequate dosage. For example, for 51- 70 aged men the AI (adequate intake) is 1,000 mg per day, it’s 1,200 mg per day for age 71 or older. Don’t worry, this dose amount is quite easy to obtain from your daily servings, e.g. dairy (a cup of milk provides calcium about 300 mg) and some vegetables: cooked soybeans and spinach provides about 250 mg per cup, 1/4 firm block tofu provides 160 mg calcium. Other nuts, meat, some certain range of fruit, you can also obtain smaller amount of calcium.

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