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Choosing the best calcium supplement

Calcium, maybe the most important nutrient in people’s whole life. Either when you’re at the age of puberty, or in old period. It plays a key role in your bones system, muscle contraction and nerve transmission, even it will reduce the death risk from your cardiovascular disease if you take adequate dosage from 1,000 mg … Continue Reading ››

Find out the best multivitamin for women

Multivitamins (with multiminerals included) is the most popular nutrition supplement than other products within American population. Although a research initiated by Preventive Services Task Force said that there is no adequate evidence to support that there is a benefit or harm risk for healthy person without nutrient deficiency if taking multivitamins every day. Of course, … Continue Reading ››

Recommendation for best fish oil for pregnancy

You will get professional recommendation from obstetric doctor or pharmacist to take prenatal fish oil or DHA product when you're in pregnancy besides the prenatal vitamins. The fish oil contains DHA, EPA and other fatty acids nutrients which will help either the brain/retina development for fetus, or it will provide the nutrient for the … Continue Reading ››

How to choose the best prenatal vitamins?

This article is about to find out the best prenatal vitamins you can choose. We get benefits from the prenatal multivitamins supplement with sufficient nutrition for both maternal and fetus. Pregnant woman will suffer from nutrient deficiency, e.g. lack of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, folate, … Continue Reading ››