How to choose the best prenatal vitamins?

This article is about to find out the best prenatal vitamins you can choose. We get benefits from the prenatal multivitamins supplement with sufficient nutrition for both maternal and fetus. Pregnant woman will suffer from nutrient deficiency, e.g. lack of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, folate, zinc and iron may lead to fetal defects. To ensure a healthy pregnancy, we need more nutrient than our normal time and it is suggested by health care professional to take prenatal vitamins three months early when you have conception plan. It is able to soothe your stomach and reduce the vomit and nausea symptom that the mom-to-be will be possibly experiencing in … Continue Reading ››

Exclusive Report: GNC Promotion forecast (May 23 – May 30, 2016) & GNC Coupons

Again, we received some GNC promotion information from our partner. As the previous time, we list the GNC promotion for the coming week, some promotions need GNC promo code/GNC Coupons during checkout process: gnc coupons-May24 Top Products Under $30 at Exclusions Apply. Valid 5/24. Top Products Under $30 at Exclusions Apply. Valid 5/24. Buy One Get One Half Off at Valid 5/25 - 5/30 Buy One Get One Half Off at Valid 5/25 - 5/30. Shop GNC Products. … Continue Reading ››

Exclusive Report: GNC Promotion forecast (May 18 – May 23, 2016) & GNC Coupons

GNC founded in 1935, is famous for its high potency and quality of supplement. You can easily find the Daily Promotion from And also there are some GNC coupons may help saving money for you if you choose to buy from gnc couponsConsumerLab take the responsibility to review all kinds of supplements or foods, such as: 1, Multivitamins, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, etc. 2, Herb supplement: St. John's Wort, Maca, etc. 3, Food source: Nutrition bar, Protein powders and drinks, chocolate. As FDA or other federal/state agencies will not verify the quality of the supplement on the market in U.S. … Continue Reading ››

Best Fish Oil – Assistant for Depression

One of my friends, Ted asked me how to relief him from mild depression. He has already visit his doctor, but he didn't want to take medicine that the doctor recommended to him at this moment. As he is just 30+, maybe just because of some pressures from his job then become nervous and sleepless, he asked me if there are some alternatives with less adverse effective. I suggested him to find a best fish oil supplement, which has been proved the effective potency of reducing depression symptoms. It is not just like the prenatal fish oil I recommended to some friends who are ready to be pregnant. The fish … Continue Reading ››

Urgency for Best Prenatal Vitamins Intake

Some statistical figures from one CDC report in 2012 showed below may need you to pay more attention to the iron and understand the importance of the best prenatal vitamins :
  • Deficiency of iron among aged 12 -29 years women is 9.5%, you can see that covered the ages of fertile women. A much higher rate 13% for Mexican-American women in the childbearing age, 12 -49 years.
  • Deficiency of iron among aged 1 - 5 years children is 6.7%, a higher deficient rate of 11% for those Mexican-American children for the same age range.
  • That is 16% among non-Hispanic black group for iron deficiency.
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Hidden risk for prenatal women: some foods are toxic – Best prenatal vitamins

We know some nature foods are good to pregnant women, such as ginger root and peppermint leaf in the best prenatal vitamins will help smoothing the stomach that reduce the morning sickness. Best fish oil which contains omega 3s is good for fetus's brain and eye development. But we still need to be careful as some other foods maybe hurt you or your fetus. For example, raw garlic contains potentially toxic ingredients which is not safe for pregnancy. Fortunately, only the garlic supplement that is concentrated from raw garlic will may lead to such a risk. In fact, few people eat plenty of raw garlic on daily basis, and … Continue Reading ››

Some interesting nutrients in best prenatal vitamins

There are basic vitamins and minerals in a prenatal vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, or calcium, iron, etc. To enhance the functions for special phenomenon during the pregnant period, we can find some useful nutrients in the best prenatal vitamins. Pregnant women's morning nausea Morning sick will happen occasionally in the first trimester for a woman. Of course, seldom women may feel sick during her whole pregnant period. We can find some elements in the prenatal multi-vitamins may help on this. To relieve the discomfort, the best prenatal vitamins we recommended is Garden of Life mykind Organics Prenatal Multi. There are certified … Continue Reading ››

Some Defective Products – Best Prenatal Vitamins

As we know how to find the best prenatal vitamins, some tips you may need to know about for the various prenatal vitamins products on the prenatal vitamins Consumerlab took the responsibility to test all kinds of supplement products to ensure the manufacturer produce the supplement just the same as their label described. Here is some findings you will be interested for the testing result of prenatal vitamins by Consumerlab (CL): Some prenatal products were approved by CL, and some are with best price. Of course, it's different for you to choose a best price product or Continue Reading ››

Relief Pain from IBS – Best Probiotics

Probiotics are common in our life. We can find it from the yogurt, some cultured milk, or probiotics supplement. From the article of the best probiotics, you can learn some useful information to improve your life quality. Now we learn more about the probiotics usage which may help people relief from the disease of IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) from recent study. best probioticsThere is one study reported at in Feb 27, 2016: Among people with people diarrhea-predominant IBS, a tablet containing 2 billion spores of B. coagulans MTCC 5856, which were sold as LactoSpore from Sabinsa … Continue Reading ››

Best Probiotics – Benefits for Child and Mother

Do we expect to get benefits from the best probiotics? The following research may give you some promising suggestions about the benefits from probiotics, especially for infant and pregnant women. In Finland, a small research used some probiotics recommended by WHO (World Health Organization) to prevent eczema in children. For the children at high risk of developing allergy (those are with a biological parent or sibling with existing or history of allergic rhinitis, asthma, eczema or food allergy – factors which raise the risk of developing allergy to 20% - 30%), there is a likely benefit if intake giving probiotics to infants and pregnant or breastfeeding women to relieve from … Continue Reading ››

Fish Oil Benefits – New Discovery In 2016

We know the fish oil benefits, either for pregnancy women or anyone has disease in Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular. We learn to know how to choose the best fish oil for pregnancy, and now we got something new for the benefits of fish oil for some disease. benefits of fish oil In UK, a retrospective analysis of a 2008 study of generally healthy adults, the researcher found that relatively low-dose fish oil (intake 700mg of DHA, and EPA daily) for 8 weeks lowered systolic blood pressure, averagely an 5mm HG compared to the placebo intake group. But it showed only limit to those … Continue Reading ››